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A prevalent problem in global health and humanitarian aid today is the absence of sound data and evaluations to inform projects. Additionally, addressing issues of poverty and ill health is a complicated task that requires careful consideration and planning. To fill these gaps, our provision of services and our advocacy activities are integrally tied to the need for research and evaluation. PHP’s research initiatives aim to address three primary areas:

Needs Assessment and Surveillance:

In order to solve a problem, we must first understand it – particularly from the perspective of the community. Therefore, we constantly assess the needs of our partner communities by engaging local residents in discussions and carrying out surveys. Such ongoing assessment is critical for measuring and appropriately responding to needs that evolve over time. We also aim to conduct constant disease surveillance to scientifically monitor the state and trajectory of health in our partner communities. This monitoring is crucial for identifying newly developing problems, which may impact health at both a local and global level.

Impact and Efficacy Measurement:

To ensure the impact of our service delivery, we subject our programs to rigorous, academically based evaluations. Ongoing evaluation of our programs is essential for several reasons, chief among them to prevent unintended harm and to optimize effectiveness in service delivery. We believe that we have an ethical obligation – to our partner communities, our partner organizations, and our financial partners – to carry out such evaluations.

Evaluation of New Interventions:

In addition to measuring the impact of our ongoing programs, we also aim to carry out evaluations of new global health interventions. The development of new programs that can be implemented in a variety of settings means that PHP’s work will not only impact the people it immediately serves but also the many people across the globe whom the organization cannot directly reach. Because a significant issue in global health is that we simply do not know “what works” for addressing a number of problems, innovative solutions are necessary for making progress. Through our research, we hope to validate such innovative solutions to strengthen both our own programs and other programs around the world.

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