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We invite you to assist us in our work in Kashongi and Kitura and in the causes we are promoting.  Your donation will provide support for fulfilling many needs, such as essential medications, malaria bednets, medical equipment, health worker wages, and health outreach programs, allowing PHP to continue to carry out its work to the fullest extent possible.  Every donation, of any size, is a worthwhile contribution to our cause.  We greatly appreciate your help, and so do the people of our partner communities, who, just like everyone, deserve access to basic medical care.

PHP is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt non-profit organization. Your donations are tax-deductible. If you donate online, you will be emailed a receipt for your records after you complete the checkout process. If you donate by mail, you will be mailed a receipt within two weeks.


Secure online donations may be made through PayPal.


Checks (payable to Progressive Health Partnership) may be mailed to:

Progressive Health Partnership
3040 Fresno Lane
Homewood, IL 60430

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