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PHP fights with all its power to eliminate the burden of disease on the global poor and to eradicate the inequalities that divide our world.

With a focus on the burden of disease, PHP’s mission highlights the two kinds of inequalities experienced by the poor that the organization aims to eliminate: inequality in access to healthcare and inequality in incidence of disease. In other words, the disproportionate burden of disease on the global poor occurs not only because the poor have much less access to healthcare than better-off people throughout the world, but also because the poor become ill at a much higher rate. By addressing inadequate access to healthcare, PHP aims to provide immediate relief to the poor and help break the cycle of poverty and ill health. By addressing the incidence of disease, PHP aims to confront the fundamental social and economic determinants of ill health, as well as increase access to preventative healthcare.


We envision a world in which all people live with dignity, enjoy good health, and fulfill their potential.  Our work will not stop until we reach this goal.  We pursue a world grounded on equal opportunity in which we, as members of humanity, collectively uphold the rights of all people.  We believe real change is within reach.  The time to act is now.

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