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Progressive Health Partnership is committed to decreasing the burden of disease on the global poor.  We listen closely to the poor, we learn from them, and we join together with them in common cause to build real solutions to the problems they face.  In doing so, we not only aim to provide immediate, urgently needed care but also to attack the root causes of health problems.


Recognizing that we already know the solutions to prevent almost all of the major killers in poorer countries, PHP directs its efforts toward building healthcare systems that are efficiently organized to deliver these solutions. We apply a systems-based approach in addressing issues, with a conscious effort toward achieving long-term, tangible impacts and acting in an ethical, transparent, and fiscally responsible fashion. We bring a critical viewpoint to our programs and hold our efforts to the highest of standards. Our innovation is not so much what we are doing but how we are doing it.

Our model is comprised of the following components:

1. Our Foundation - Solidarity and Social Justice:
Everything begins with our two most important core values: solidarity and social justice. From these values, our model is grounded in equal partnership, local community support, long-term commitment, and extensive needs assessment. Capitalizing on the ideas and talents of community members themselves and involving local residents in the conceptualization and implementation of our programs, we have established a framework through which we can partner with the poor to bring social equity to their communities.
2. Our Methods - the Three Pillars:
Our methods - the three pillars of service, research, and advocacy - comprise the multifaceted approach we bring to all our programs.
3. Our Deliverables - the Five P's:
Our target deliverables, or the “Five P’s”, include public health infrastructure, public sector strengthening, primary healthcare, poverty eradication, and policy-level changes.
4. Our Impact - the Burden of Disease: 
The ultimate goal of our efforts is to increase access to healthcare and to reduce the incidence of disease.  By addressing inadequate access to healthcare, we provide immediate relief to the poor and help break the cycle of poverty and ill health. By addressing the incidence of disease, we confront the fundamental, long-term social and economic determinants of ill health, as well as increase access to preventative healthcare.
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